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Post by kaosnews » 04 Apr 2018, 10:15

I like the feature that you can upload a successful project - that is the beauty of gallery template. This is option is not automatically. But I also see that there are statics of how many files a project downloaded. By default this data is shared (i think) anonymous.

I know that you can disable the feature 'Send anonymous statistics' - but really curious what 'and things like that' means :) I'm not really a person who panics about privacy etc. :) but what data is shared?

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Re: Privacy?

Post by Maxim » 04 Apr 2018, 13:05

Here is the data that is being sent:

1. Extreme Picture Finder version number
2. Project file with the following fields removed: user name, password, destination folder, after completion actions and other information that is not directly related to download settings. Number of saved files is stored in the project file so it is also sent (and this one is the most important for us).

You can check it yourself by downloading your own project file from the template page. And I guess the wording in the settings should be changed to show exactly what information is shared. Thank you for pointing it out!

This shared information actually helps us a lot. We use it to keep template settings up-to-date and fix templates when they stop working.

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