Imagefap user folder template problems

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Imagefap user folder template problems

Post by Francis » 24 Jan 2017, 00:36

When using the latest version along with a fresh download of the proper template, whenever I try to download a folder from a user's gallery, i end up with tons of "extra" files that are not listed on the webpage.
Am i doing something wrong? The downloads always start ok, and I can watch it populate folder names, but then it seems to go off the rails... possibly imagefap bulk downloader protections?

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Re: Imagefap user folder template problems

Post by Maxim » 24 Jan 2017, 12:02

Yeah, it happens periodically when imagefap changes gallery page design a little... Most likely "Excluded page parts" are not excluding what they should. But I have to investigate it more closely. Could you please give me your folder URL along with a couple of gallery/image URLs that shouldn't be downloaded? Because I just checked a couple of URL - EPF downloaded exact number galleries and exact number of images in each gallery...

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