Moving EPF Settings to a new PC

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Moving EPF Settings to a new PC

Post by Razorking » 19 Nov 2016, 22:55

I am upgrading to a new PC and am in the process of retiring the old one. I was able to install and license my copy of EPF on the new PC, and I have my files from the old PC moved to the new PC. Is there a way to copy settings from the old PC to the new PC so the EPF will know the history and what files it has already downloaded form sites - when it ran on the old PC?

Hope that makes. Trying to move installation from old to new PC in a seamless manner.

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Re: Moving EPF Settings to a new PC

Post by Maxim » 20 Nov 2016, 14:44

If you already have your projects on a new PC then you need nothing else.

Basically, all you need when you move EPF from one PC to another is EPF "Data folder". I mean entire content of this folder - all files and folder inside. You can find the location of "Data folder" in EPF settings, in the "Advanced" section:



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