download from keeps failing

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download from keeps failing

Post by hkb » 24 Jun 2016, 15:26


I want to download images from the database on Whatever I try, it doesn't work.

Before I used Bulk Image Downloader and I had to manually add all url's like this: ... =8&RecNo=1 ... =8&RecNo=2 ... =8&RecNo=3 ... =8&RecNo=4 ... =8&RecNo=5 ... =8&RecNo=6 ... =8&RecNo=7 ... =8&RecNo=8

Most of the time, that did the trick, but downloading was very, very slow. That is why I tried Extreme Picture Finder. However, when having entered the same url's I keep getting http error: 500. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you,

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Re: download from keeps failing

Post by Maxim » 25 Jun 2016, 12:50

Hi Nico,

Yeah, this site is tricky, but I managed to create a working template for it. So, first of all make sure you have the most recent version of the program: ... rSetup.exe

Then download an install the project template from this page: ... -template/

This template works ONLY with search results for countries. If you supply starting URL for any other search result - the download will fail. It's also not an easy task to get the starting URLs for this template. You have to select all search conditions and click the "Search" button on the website to get the search results. Then you right-click on the search results and select menu item "This frame - View frame info" to see the actual URL which can be used as a starting URL for your project.


The URL must look like this: ... &B2=Search

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