Phone Wallpaer from Google Images.

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Phone Wallpaer from Google Images.

Post by BurtSherry »

Hello, I tried to search but it keeps tell me the words are two common.
I am trying to find wallpapers for my phone, and I really don't care what they are, but I want a specif size, 1080x1920.
So the one of the best places I can find a lot of different images is of course Google images.
I have copied the URL from my search on Google, and tried a bunch of different things to get the search to work, but I always end up with 0 images downloaded.
Is this something that just cannot be accomplished?
Thanks for a great program!
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Re: Phone Wallpaer from Google Images.

Post by Maksym »

Extreme Picture Finder does support the Google Image Search via the built-in "Search projects". But current version does not allow you to choose the exact image size in the search projects. We plan to add this feature (and other search-related settings) in later versions.

And creating a normal "Download project" with the Google Images Search URL is not an option because now Google does not offer the link to the "Next page" of the search results... You have to scroll down for more images... This is something EPF can not handle.
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