ETG for Wallpapers? Extreme-Wallpaper-Generator?

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ETG for Wallpapers? Extreme-Wallpaper-Generator?

Post by muehlstein » 16 Jul 2011, 00:59


Sry for my english, i hope somebody, who have wallpapers, read this completely.

I have an Website with Wallpapers. For many times I have created my Wallpapers with ETG, so I have to think about it how to realize this option. If my Website
starts, there were only the standard screensizes, most 1024x768, 1280x1024. Many times later widescreen comes, so I added 1280x800 and 1920x1200 Wallpapers
for Widescreen. Now the Jungle of Screensizes is a chaos and I see at my Tracker many other resolution they want a wallpaper. Some of these guys send me an
email so I can make the Wallpaper for her special screensize. Now I would added more screensizes for other (now standard) screensizes, but at my wallpaper
mainsite it would be an screensize-jungle, if i add more wallpaper-resolutions xD

My Idea, perhaps it is interesting for ExiSoftware, is to build an Extreme-Wallpaper-Generator. I think the base is into ETG. The perfect EWG have an
option, where somebody can load into virtual folder "not real folder" the different screen-size pictures (Example: pic1024x768, pic1280x1024, pic1440x800..).
ETG have only one Picture-function. At last you have 20 virtual folders with different picture-sizes. Now EWG should be create a thumbnail-site like ETG.
The thumbnail that EWG creates is from the smallest picture that is into every virtual-folder. At the thumbnailsite under the thumbnail there must be the
different screen-resolution-links and a direct thumbnail-link. The thumbnail link should go to the smallest Picture. At this and the other sites at the right
or left side from the picture, there must be the other screensize links, so the user can switch to another resolution of this wallpaper. At the top or bottom,
the user can switch to the next picture or go backwards to the picture before (navigation).

Wallpapers with ETG, but this is not the future.

So my question here, if somebody here, who needs a wallpaper-generator, too?

best regards, Michael

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