Mobile-friendly responsive gallery

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Red Barchetta
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Mobile-friendly responsive gallery

Post by Red Barchetta » 22 Nov 2020, 01:30

I am having an issue with the "Mobile-friendly responsive gallery (White)" when I go to the Option-Thumbnails pages tab the Thumbnails table and Thumbnails List options are grayed out, so I can not select how many thumbnails per page. When generated, it creates a 4x3 gallery as here:

When I choose the Mobile-friendly responsive gallery (Dark Gray + Lightbox), I get all my thumbnails on a single page, as here:

Should the (White) gallery be so limited?

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Re: Mobile-friendly responsive gallery

Post by Maxim » 23 Nov 2020, 12:02

Yes, you're right. The "White" template is not flexible at all. It can only be 4x3 thumbnails. I guess we should add more flexible mobile-friendly templates.

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